How I work

I work as an integrative counsellor.  This means that I may choose to use different counselling approaches depending on how relevant they are to you.  Working in an integrative way reflects my desire to work with you as an individual rather than use a ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

I am approachable and down to earth, and would at no time expect you to talk about anything you’d rather not. 

What to expect

You set the agenda by talking about what it is that is affecting you, and we work at a pace which feels comfortable for you.

It’s not my role to judge, advise or diagnose.  Any considerations made by me may be put forward as a suggestion for you to reflect on.

I may make observations, or I may ask questions; I may suggest creative ways of exploring your issues, but never with the expectation of you undertaking anything against your will.

The aim is always to help you to explore your thoughts, feelings and concerns more fully so that you can find your own solutions. 

All my counselling work is confidential.