About counselling

People come to counselling with a desire to make sense of personal experience and a hope to make change.

"Having never been to a counsellor before I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Dani put me at ease from my very first session with her, and I immediately found her incredibly easy to talk to. I never felt as though I was being judged or analysed, and Dani's ability to remember details from our sessions over the months made me feel really listened to. Dani allowed me to work at my own pace, supporting me and really helping me to grow emotionally. I didn't really start my sessions with an end goal in mind, but over the course of our sessions Dani enabled me to become more confident, emotionally stronger and more aware of my own feelings." BH

Whatever it is you’re experiencing, counselling offers you the opportunity to share your thoughts with an impartial listener – someone who has no role in your life other than to listen and support you in moving forward.

By talking to someone who is trained to listen you can be helped to reflect on your feelings, relationships and history and begin to gain some clarity about your experience.

This awareness can help you make the changes you want, leading to improved wellbeing and a more fulfilled life.